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Ants Don’t Wear Pants!

“Ants are so much fun to watch!” — Unnamed female protagonist, Ants Don’t Wear Pants, n. pag.

Creator(s) Kevin McCloskey
PublisherToon Books
Publication Date2019
GenreEducational, Nonfiction
Environmental Themes and Issues Educational Nature Facts, Recycling, Sustainably Produced Text
Protagonist’s Identity An unnamed Black girl
Protagonist’s Level of Environmental AgencyLevel 1: No Acknowledgement of Environmental Issues
Target Audience Children
Settings Unidentified playground setting
Cover of Ants Don’t Wear Pants!

Environmental Themes

Targeted at young children ages three and over, Kevin Mcloskey’s Ants Don’t Wear Pants provides a humorous but informative overview of ants. The short comic features two humans, a Black girl and a red-haired boy, who encounter ants on their playground. A panel sequence depicts the girl shrinking down to the size of an ant so that she can examine the creatures more closely. The textual narration teaches readers facts about ants, covering their diet, life cycle, social structures, and use of their four senses (touch, hearing, smell, and taste). At the conclusion of the narrative, the girl returns to her regular size, declaring, “These tiny ants are amazing!” (McCloskey n. pag). Though the comic does not address any environmental issues that may impact ants, such as habitat destruction, it does encourage children to learn about ants and marvel at their abilities, rather than treating the insects as creatures to fear or revile.

The protagonist shrinks down to ant-size in Ants Don’t Wear Pants!

Other environmental comics produced by Kevin McCloskey include The Real Poop on Pigeons! and We Dig Worms!

A page depicts the farming activities of leaf-cutter ants in Ants Don’t Wear Pants!


The copyright page notes that the comic was produced using sustainable publishing practices: “All our books are… printed with soy-based inks on acid-free, woodfree paper harvested from responsible sources” (McCloskey). Additionally, an “About the Author” page in the comic’s backmatter states that the creator “painted these ant pictures on recycled grocery bags because, just like ants, he believes in recycling.”

Posted in Educational, Nonfiction

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