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The Real Poop on Pigeons!

“You’re being silly! Pigeons eat seeds and grains… and they find lots of them in the trash!” — Pigeon kid in The Real Poop on Pigeons!, n. pag.

Creator(s) Kevin McCloskey (author)
PublisherToon Books
Publication Date2015
GenreEducational, Fiction
Environmental Themes and Issues Educational Nature Facts, Extinction
Protagonist’s Identity Two adults: White man and woman
The children dressed as pigeons include boys and girls of different races
Protagonist’s Level of Environmental AgencyLevel 1: No Acknowledgement of Environmental Issues
Target Audience Children (5 to 6 years)
Settings New York City
Cover of The Real Poop on Pigeons!

Environmental Themes

Children dressed as pigeons appear to educate the pigeon-hating man in The Real Poop on Pigeons!

In the opening pages of Kevin McCloskey’s The Real Poop on Pigeons!, a white man shoos pigeons away from a bench and declares to a nearby woman, “I LOVE birds, but not pigeons!” (McCloskey, n. pag.). A group of boys and girls dressed like pigeons arrives, telling the adults, “There’s more to pigeons than POOP!” (McCloskey, n. pag.). The children regale the adults with various facts about pigeons, educating them about their breeding behaviors, diet, species, and cultural impact. At the conclusion of the short comic, the pigeon-hating man has changed his mind about the birds, saying, “Pigeons are wonderful, not pests like squirrels!” (McCloskey n. pag.). The comic’s final page depicts a group of children dressed as squirrels preparing to educate the man about the animals. Despite the rather odd conceit of the pigeon and squirrel children, the comic does effectively educate young readers about pigeons, contests popular stereotypes about the birds, and promotes care for all animals. However, beyond encouraging children to learn about pigeons, the comic does not promote any forms of environmental activism.

More facts about pigeons in The Real Poop on Pigeons!

Other environmental comics created by Kevin McCloskey include Ants Don’t Wear Pants! and We Dig Worms!

Posted in Educational, Fiction

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